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  • Two men stand in the middle of a run-down looking street.
  • Two men sit next to each other on a bench in front of a chain-link fence; one looks at a piece of paper and the other smokes.
  • A white limo looks out-of-place in front of a very large, concrete, and run-down apartment building.
  • Close-up on a man's face.
  • Two men sit along a river or lake, their backs to the camera.


12:30   5:30

Tuesday, November 26

(2017, Ivana Mladenović) When two Bucharest men — an anthropologist and a burly excon — start a love affair, their community’s taboos are tested. Documentarian Mladenović narrative debut. DCP. Approx. 119 min.


"Ivana Mladenović’s fiction debut is Romanian social realism with an ethnographic edge, but it’s also a romance between two ostensibly heterosexual men achieving an unexpected bond.”
– Jonathan Romney, Screen Daily

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