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  • A man and woman are smiling, naked and covered in soap in bathroom.
  • Seven men sit together.
  • Six men sit in a circle, ashtrays and cigarettes in the middle.
  • A man and woman sit together on a bed, looking at a book.
  • A man and woman wearing towels sit together and chat.
  • Five men are in a hot tub, looking at something off-camera.



Sunday, October 27

の・ようなもの (No yohna mono)

Director Yoshimitsu Morita
Cast Kumiko Akiyoshi, Katsunobu Itô, Isao Bitô, Erika Asô
Screenplay Yoshimitsu Morita | Cinematography Makoto Watanabe
1981 | Japan | DCP | approx. 103 min. | In Japanese with English subtitles creates especially for this screening

A young raguko performer meets book-loving sex worker Kumiko Akiyoshi at the local brothel, in irreverent story featuring actors from Nikkatsu’s “Roman Porn” movies.

SOMETHING LIKE IT © N.E.W.S. Corporation.

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