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  • Two men and three women in matching outfits (brown suits for the men and bright fuchsia dresses for the women) pose.
  • A woman wearing a red feather boa and red sequined dress holds a microphone and sings.
  • Three women wearing fancy dresses and white gloves pose and sing.
  • Two men and a woman stand in a line, wearing matching red sweaters and dancing.



Wednesday, February 12

(1976, Sam O’Steen) Three sisters in the 50s form a singing group, (reminiscent of the young Supremes) and are off on the bumpy road to stardom. As the oldest sister, Lonette McKee is “so sexy that she lays waste to the movie” (Pauline Kael). With Philip M. Thomas, Irene CaraMary Alice, Dwan Smith. Music by Curtis Mayfield. HDCAM. Approx. 98 min.

Film Forum