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  • Black and white image of a woman looking at her reflection in a mirror.
  • Black and white close-up of two men facing each other.



Friday, November 15

(1995, Stere Gulea) Bucharest nurse’s life is turned upside-down when she refuses to collaborate in the cover-up of a young revolutionary’s murder. Based on a true story. DCP. Approx. 89 min.


“Although the film takes place during the December 1989 Revolution and over the course of the following year, it is meant to offer a potential outlook on post-communist Romanian society down to its core. A film attempting to approach events of such complexity and controversy – events whose essence is still wrapped is a mystery beyond ambiguous – five years after they took place might seem like madness. And yet. Aside from the possible identification and inaccuracies – which pertain to a subjective stance – the film rather aims to show a global image of what’s left after the consummation of an event. How our souls view it after a while. This seemed to me like a necessary thing even if it’s only a diary entry because, later on, history will catch up… [...] There are certain moments which are not to be regarded lightly by a people if it wants to distance itself from dishonor.”
– Director’s statement by Stere Gulea

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