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  • Four women stand together; one in the center smokes a cigarette while the other three look at her.
  • Five women dressed very well stand around a man.
  • A woman wearing lots of jewelry holds a kerchief, and a man and woman look at her with amusement and skepticism.


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Friday, November 1

赤線地帯 (Akasen Chitai)

Director Kenji Mizoguchi
Cast Machiko Kyô, Ayako Wakao, Michiyo Kogure
Screenplay Masashige Narusawa, Yoshiko Shibaki | Cinematography Kazuo Miyagawa
1956 | Japan | New 4K DCP restoration | approx. 87 min. | In Japanese with English subtitles

As rumors buzz about an impending anti-prostitution law, the lives of the hookers of Tokyo’s Dreamland brothel unfold - from the bespectacled housewife Michiyo Kogure, to the yen-counting Ayako Wakao, to Machiko Kyo’s raucously Americanized “Mickey.” Mizoguchi’s final film.

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