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2:00   9:45

Friday, February 9

Directed by Ingmar Bergman

Starring Harriet Andersson

(1953) Two kids with lousy home lives take off for the summer on a stolen boat to a free, primitive life among the islands of the Skärgård, but then pregnancy and marriage ensue. Succès de scandale for Bergman and, in her first appearance in Bergman’s films and life, Harriet Andersson, “eroticism incarnate” (Peter Cowie). 35mm. Approx. 96 min.


If there is a more shattering breakage of the fourth wall in the history of cinema than the sight of Harriet Andersson turning to the camera, with a cigarette, and coolly meeting—and defeating—our gaze, I have yet to discover it.”
– Anthony Lane, The New Yorker

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