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11:00 AM

Sunday, November 19

Starring Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, Marlon Brando & Gene Hackman

(1978, Richard Donner) An alien refugee from the destroyed planet Krypton, Christopher Reeve’s Superman (alias Clark Kent) is instructed to accept his superhero responsibilities by father Marlon Brando, which means stopping evil genius Gene Hackman from launching a pair deadly missiles – but can he also save the woman he loves, Margot Kidder? 35mm. Approx. 143 min.


“It’s the simple, earth-bound quality of the film that makes this comic-book fantasy soar.”
– The Washington Post

“Made on a grand scale with an amazing cast. This stirring, handsome movie gets almost everything right in adapting the famous comic book character.”
– Leonard Maltin, Family Film Guide