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  • Director Dean Hargrove's TAP WORLD & TAP HEAT screen on Tuesday, June 25 at 7:20, with Hargrove in person - plus live performances by tap dancers!
  • From TAP WORLD - Five tap dancers perform on a stage, with five musicians playing taiko and other drums in the back.
  • From TAP WORLD - Six men wearing orange jumpsuits or pants standing in a group. One dances, another blows into an instrument, and the rest clap their hands.
  • From TAP WORLD - Two dancers on stage, one wearing tap shoes and the other with bare feet.
  • From TAP HEAT - three men and three women tap dance on a stage.
    Tap Heat
  • From TAP HEAT - two people tap dance on stage, their backs to the camera.
    Tap Heat

TAP WORLD & Tap Heat


Tuesday, June 25

SOLD OUT. A stand-by line will form 30 minutes before showtime.

Director Dean Hargrove in person

With live performances by Syncopated Ladies and other young tap dancers!

(2015, Dean Hargrove) Dean Hargrove, best known as producer of hit crime shows Columbo and Matlock, spans the globe from Hell’s Kitchen to Calcutta for this vibrant look at tap dancing around the world, with an Indian choreographer teaming up with an American tapper, a young Japanese woman working three jobs to afford tap lessons, a Brazilian teaching tap to kids from the favelas and much, much more. Featuring Maud and Chloe Arnold, aka Syncopated Ladies. DCP. Approx. 72 min.

Plus Dean Hargrove’s short Tap Heat (2004), featuring Jason Samuels Smith and veteran tap dancer Arthur Duncan. DCP. Approx. 14 min.

Tap World co-producers and tap super-stars Maud and Chloe Arnold – aka Syncopated Ladies ­– will appear with other young tappers for a live performance before and after the film. Following the screening, Film Forum Repertory Director Bruce Goldstein will moderate a Q&A with director Dean Hargrove, executive producer Jeff Peters, and Maud and Chloe Arnold.