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Friday, April 26

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U.K., France, Belgium, Italy, 2012
Directed by Ken Loach
Written by Paul Laverty
With Paul Brannigan, John Henshaw, William Ruane
Approx. 106 mins. DCP.

“Begins with a group of criminals brought together by chance in the manner of THE USUAL SUSPECTS and gradually modulates into a heist comedy… The young offenders, played by non-professional actors who perform brilliantly under Loach's sympathetic direction, are introduced at Glasgow's City Court when pleading guilty to a variety of crimes. All of them are given community service and are fortunate to come under the supervision of Harry (John Henshaw), a middle-aged, working-class Mancunian who forges a bond with Robbie (Paul Brannigan). He's as sympathetic a figure as Colin Welland's teacher in KES and Peter Mullan's soccer coach in MY NAME IS JOE and brings a wealth of unpatronising understanding to his charges' lives and problems. The unemployed Robbie, determined to go straight and be a good father, appears to have everything against him — a history of violence (there's a revealing razor scar on his left cheek) and his girlfriend's brutal father, who's determined to get him out of Glasgow and away on his own, whether by force or bribery. Harry could be his salvation.” – Philip French, The Guardian


“Ken Loach blends his usual politically acute social realism with a tale of hope and humour in this gentle Highlands caper.”
 – Wendy Ide, The Times (UK)

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