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Sunday, July 31

Tuesday, August 2

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U.S., 1963
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Starring Rod Taylor, Tippi Hedren, Jessica Tandy, Suzanne Pleshette
Screenplay by Evan Hunter
Based on the story by Daphne du Maurier
DCP. Approx. 119 min.

After exchanging barbs with lawyer Rody Taylor in a Frisco pet shop, bratty playgirl Tippi Hedren follows him to a Bodega Bay with a gift of – gulp! – lovebirds… and then nature turns. Hitchcock’s tour de force of terror from the mundane includes a barrage of optical tricks and a track of electronic sounds supervised by Bernard Herrmann. From a story by Daphne Du Marier (Rebecca).



“An audacious use of science fiction apocalypse to dramatize intimate emotional insecurity.”
 – David Thompson

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