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Tuesday, March 12

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Introduced by David Thomson

(1935, Josef von Sternberg) “Men are my slaves – and glad to be!” Marlene Dietrich emerges from the steamers of a 19th century Spanish fiesta as her dalliances with Cesar Romero drive aging lover Lionel Atwill to the brink. The last Dietrich/Sternberg collaboration and a festival of baroque décor and photography. Based on Pierre Louÿs’ La femme et le pantin, re-made in 1977 by Buñuel as That Obscure Object of Desire. 35mm. Approx. 79 min.


“In Mr. Von Sternberg’s hands a story which is deceptively conventional on the surface becomes a heartless parable of man’s eternal humiliation in the sex struggle.”
– Andre Sennwald, The New York Times

“As precisely aimed as a whiplash to the coccyx… Unique now as it was then.”
– Tony Rayns, Time Out