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Partial inspiration for Sturges’ THE SIN OF HAROLD DIDDLEBOCK (screening immediately after).
♪ Silent, with live piano accompaniment by Steve Sterner

U.S., 1925
Directed by Sam Taylor, Fred C. Newmeyer
Starring Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston
Approx. 76 min.
35mm print courtesy The Harold Lloyd Trust.

Eager-to-please frosh Harold introduces himself with a nifty-keen jig, goes broke on soda shop treats, makes the team as a tackling dummy, but finally gets his chance at the Big Game. Harold's satire of 20s college and football mania was his biggest silent success.

Twenty-two years later, writer-director Preston Sturges imagined the Freshman’s life after college for his raucous comedy THE SIN OF HAROLD DIDDLEBOCK, with Lloyd reprising the role (his last).

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