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U.S., 1957
Directed by Jack Arnold
Starring Grant Williams
Approx. 81 min. 4K DCP restoration.

Grant Williams as a hapless human fighting for his life in a microscopic world. “Not merely the best of Arnold’s classic sci-fi movies of the 50s, but one of the finest films ever made in that genre.” – Geoff Andrew, Time Out (London) “Lurking beneath the film’s pro-forma warning about the dangers of nuclear experimentation is a trenchant allegory of American masculinity in the postwar decade.” – Foster Hirsch


“Fittingly for a movie whose title serves virtually as synopsis, THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN gains force by simplifying its story to the point of austerity, without digressions or milking of suspense. Admirable as Matheson’s novel is, his screen adaptation improves on it in many ways.”
– Geoffrey O’Brien, Criterion Collection

“It stands out as one of the more ingenious, unsettling, and durable movies of its kind. At once elaborately designed and structurally austere, the movie, as with the greatest in its genre (whether you use VAMPYR or NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD as a touchstone), feels like an improbable dream that oozes into your waking consciousness and seems somehow more "real" than any number of grittier, down-to-Earth melodramas.”
– Gene Seymour, Library of America

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