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U.S., 1945
Directed by Billy Wilder
Starring Ray Milland, Jane Wyman
Screenplay by Billy Wilder and Charles Jackson
Based on the novel by Charles Jackson
Approx. 101 min. 35mm/DCP.

“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Failed writer Ray Milland hits the sauce and the bottom in Oscar® winner for Best Picture, Screenplay, Director and Actor. Among the famous sequences: the bat and mouse hallucination and the desperate trek for money past actual Third Ave. pawn shops closed for Yom Kippur.


“New York brutally stripped of all glamour.”
– Tom Milne

“A landmark of adult filmmaking in Hollywood.”
– Leonard Maltin

“…a hard film to sell that Paramount decided to promote on the strength of its ‘realism.’”
– Richard Koszarski, “Keep ’em in the East”: Kazan, Kubrick, and the Postwar New York Film Renaissance

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