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Saturday, June 11
3:00 8:10

Tuesday, June 14

Wednesday, June 15

Friday, June 17
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Monday, June 20
3:00  8:10

U.S., 1961
Directed by John Huston

Screenplay by Arthur Miller 
Starring Montgomery Clift, Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable
DCP. Approx. 125 minutes.

Recent Reno divorcée Marilyn Monroe is befriended by Thelma Ritter and taken in by last of the cowboys Clark Gable and ex-flyboy Eli Wallach, as punchy rodeo rider Monty comes along for the ride; but then a hunt for wild horses looms. Arthur Miller’s first film script was tailored for wife Marilyn, in what turned out to be her (as well as Gable’s) final movie.

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