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7:00 ONLY

Wednesday, October 1

(1955, Daniel Mann) Tough day for still-in-mourning-after-three-years seamstress Anna Magnani: she learns her beloved husband was a cheater and that her daughter’s got a new boyfriend – and then gets into a fight with Burt Lancaster’s hunky but dim truck driver Mangiacavallo (“Eats like a horse”). Best Actress Oscar for Magnani, in her first Hollywood role, written for her by Williams. Print courtesy Harvard Film Archive. Approx. 117 min. 35mm. 


"The exquisiteness of Magnani and Lancaster as sheer performers—just for instance, the authority with which she claps her hand to her ample bosom or he snags a runaway goat—would dominate the picture, if the rest of the cast were not so good and Daniel Mann as the director did not hold them under tingling, taut control.”
– The New York Times

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