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  • Actors Cheryl Dunye and Guinevere Turner sit next to each other on a bed, each holding a glass of red wine.
  • Actor Cheryl Dunye walks past a person on the sidewalk who plays a guitar.
  • Close-up on actors Cheryl Dunye and Guinevere Turner, who look at each other and smile.


2:15   8:15

Tuesday, February 4

(1996, Cheryl Dunye) Video clerk/filmmaker Cheryl Dunye, fixated on the career of a Hattie McDaniel-type character actress of the 1930s, finds herself on a comic fact-finding mission. “A wonderfully inventive journey through the annals of film history, African American culture, dyke attitudes, race relations and the mysteries of lesbian attraction. Did I mention this is a comedy, too?” – B. Ruby Rich. With Guinevere Turner, Valarie Walker. DCP. Approx 90 min.

Film Forum