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  • Actor Johnny Depp stares at his scissorhands.
  • Actor Dianne Wiest, the Avon Lady, sits with Johnny Depp, who has a cucumber face mask on.
  • Actor Johnny Depp gives Kathy Baker a haircut with his scissorhands, in her backyard.

Tim Burton’s

Saturday, May 18, 11:00 AM

Sunday, May 19, 11:00 AM

(1990) “With his electric-shock hairdo and creepy black gear, Edward (Depp) is a model of trendy respectability - except for one thing. This man-made creature has got shears instead of hands, because his creator (Price) died mid-project. He sits lonely and lethal in his gloomy mansion, until the Avon Lady (Wiest) comes to call. She invites him home, and he proceeds to dazzle her family and neighbours with his flair for topiary and surreal hair-styling. With its skewed vision of suburbia, Burton's film bears comparison with his earlier Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. It's a visual treat, complete with pastel bungalows, surreal shrubbery and grotesque outfits.” – Time Out. DCP. Approx. 105 min.

Film Forum