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Important Update

Masks are not required, though they are encouraged. While we are no longer checking for proof of vaccination, we do, of course, strongly encourage everyone to be vaccinated. Click here for more information.


  • A man in Nazi uniform stands next to two ragged, dirty-looking men - one in black suit and black hat, the other in a dirty tank top with goggles around his neck.
  • A man in Nazi uniform stands by a train; a group of men stand around him, one holding a gun. More Nazis are in the background, alongside the train.
  • A group of people stand near a train, including Nazis with German shepherds.



Tuesday, November 19

(1998, Radu Mihaileanu) When the shtetl idiot warns the local Jews the Nazis are coming, the villagers agree to build a train to fake their own deportation. Unlikely Holocaust-era comedy. Digital. Approx. 103 min.

Film Forum