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Sunday, January 31

(2010) DCP. Approx. 110 mins.


“Their craftsmanship is a wonder. Their casting is always inspired and exact. The cinematography by Roger Deakins reminds us of the glory that was, and can still be, the Western.”
– Roger Ebert

“The directors' propensity for verbiage and ironic violence fits the story like a fringed suede glove. Welcome to the first stoic screwball Western.”
– David Fear, Time Out New York

“Cinematographer Roger Deakins outdoes himself with images of rugged beauty. Packed with action and laughs, but it's the dialogue that really sings.”
– Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

“The Coens have made a western that assumes a pleasing position between stately and earthy. It could be the Coens’ most straightforward film, but it’s also one of their best.”
– Dave Calhoun, Time Out (London)

“Joel and Ethan Coen offer sweeping, mythic images of the Old West, then populate them with characters who behave heroically either by accident, or in spite of tremendous flaws […]The Coens direct True Grit with a light touch, but like Portis’ stark, funny novel, their adventure tale shaves off none of the rough edges. It’s simultaneously rollicking and grave, alternating moments of fine dark humor with startling violence as it drags Mattie into the world of adult responsibilities and the danger and lost innocence that come with them.”
– Keith Phipps, The A.V. Club

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