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  • A man and woman look at each other, seated in a room.
  • A man, his wife, and their child sit around a dining table, eating salad.
  • A married couple look at each other, standing in a room; the woman holds a cigarette.
  • A woman sits on a man's lap; they look at each other intently. The cover of David Bowies '
  • A man's wife and a dentist both look at him; their child washes her hands at a sink in the background.



Thursday, November 21

(2010, Radu Muntean) A Romanian Scenes From a Wedding, as a middle-aged man must choose between his wife of ten years and his mistress, a pediatric dentist. Staged as a series of immaculately framed, intimate long takes. 35mm. Approx. 95 min.


“[Tuesday, After Christmas] is more about well-observed moments of everyday life than it is about heightened melodrama. Tuesday, After Christmas opens with two sweet, low-key scenes: one of Brănescu lounging around naked with Popistaşu, joking about his ‘mutant toes’; the other of him Christmas shopping with his wife, debating whether the snowboard they’re buying for their daughter is too big and too pink. The easiness of both exchanges makes it clear that he loves his family, and he loves his mistress. Only later, when we see Brănescu having a chilly conversation with Popistaşu’s mother, or we see his daughter chewing gum that Popistaşu bought for him, is it clear that there’s no way this golden age can last. All it takes is one sentence—‘I’ve met someone, and we’re in love’—and everything breaks.”
– Noel Murray, The A.V. Club

Film Forum