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  • A woman with a handkerchief over her head holds a cloth in one hand and a barrel in the other.
  • A woman and a man sit and eat together, both looking up at someone off-camera.
  • A man and woman face each other, eating and smiling.
  • Two people look down at a baby, one making a face and the other holding a toy.
  • A man and woman kneel in a field, looking forlorn, both wearing black.


3:30   8:15

Wednesday, October 30

煙突の見える場所 (Entotsu no mieru basho)

Director Heinosuke Gosho
Cast Kinuyo Tanaka, Ken Uehara, Hideko Takamine
Screenplay Hideo Oguni, Rinzo Shiina | Cinematography Mitsuo Miura
1953 | Japan | 35mm print courtesy The Japan Foundation Film Library | approx. 108 min. | In Japanese with English subtitles

In sight of industrial chimneys, Ken Uehara and Kinuyo Tanaka are so poor they carefully mark the calendar to avoid any unaffordable surprises; their upstairs renters, Hiroshi Akutagawa (son of author of the Rashomon stories) and Hideko Takamine, sedulously keep it separate rooms. But then on their doorstep arrives… The masterpiece of the least-known master of slice-of-life.

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