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Important Update

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July 6, 2021


Regarding the Another Gaze / Another Screen petition:

Film Forum did not solicit nor receive any funds from the Israeli government in support of the movie ASIA. The film’s distributor was in contact with the Consulate and made arrangements for the filmmaker and star initially to attend the Tribeca Festival and then introduce screenings at Film Forum, among other venues throughout NYC. Hence the customary acknowledgement of the Israeli Consulate on our web site.

In the 49 years I’ve been Director of Film Forum, we have never received funds from the Israeli Consulate.

Our fundamental mission is to show first-rate movies, both old and new, many of which foreground human rights issues. Among the many documentary films we have premiered that are profoundly critical of Israeli polices and/or deeply supportive of Palestinian rights are: GAZA GHETTO (played in 1985), FIVE BROKEN CAMERAS, THE GATEKEEPERS, WALL, THE LAW IN THESE PARTS, THE SETTLERS, WAITING FOR GIRAFFES, MAYOR, and the drama THE REPORTS ON SARAH AND SALEEM.

Our 50+ years of commitment to presenting movies that open people’s eyes to inequities and inhumane conditions both in the US and abroad is a matter of record. We join you in your efforts to create a better, more just world.


Karen Cooper
Film Forum

Film Forum