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Wednesday, May 10

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Directed by Robert Aldrich

Starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford

Casey LaLonde and John “Lypsinka” Epperson in person

(1962) Holiday for Freudians, as the screen’s greatest sadist teams up with its greatest masochist:  grotesque ex-child star Bette Davis fills those empty hours by tormenting wheelchair-bound ex-screen idol sibling Joan Crawford.  “They really detested each other,” remarked Aldrich. Even more so when Bette was Oscar-nominated and Joan wasn’t! DCP. Approx. 135 min.

This special screening on the 40th anniversary of Joan’s death will be introduced by her grandson Casey LaLonde, who will read excerpts from Crawford’s 1962 memoir A Portrait of Joan and her 1971 advice book My Way of Life (both available in brand new editions at our concession tonight), and a post-screening tribute to Joan by legend-in-his-own-right John “Lypsinka” Epperson.

*John Epperson at 7:00 show only