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  • A man walks; a crowded urban area is in a valley in the background behind him.
  • Close-up on the face of a Bolivian campesino wearing a hat.
  • Close-up on the face of a Bolivian campesino from an all black and red movie poster.



Wednesday, May 29

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(1969, Jorge Sanjinés) When Bolivian campesinos discover American doctors sterilizing women without their consent, they seek revenge­­ –– only to be repressed by the military. Filmed in Quechua in a remote Kaata village, it was banned by government censors, until a heated campaign forced them to relent. It went on to win acclaim abroad while provoking demonstrations, a Senate investigation and the expulsion of the Peace Corps at home. The film’s lack of success with indigenous audiences drove Sanjinés turn to collective filmmaking (see The Principal Enemy.) In Quechua, with English subtitles. Digital. Approx. 70 min.