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Sunday, March 18

(1963, Jean-Luc Godard) That’s what Brigitte Bardot has for husband Piccoli – but why? Does she think he used her to get that lucrative assignment (The Odyssey, to be directed by Fritz Lang) from overbearing American producer Jack Palance? Or does she “not love him anymore”? Given international stars, an Alberto Moravia best-seller, color, CinemaScope, and the biggest budget of his career, Godard still managed to overturn movie conventions. DCP. Approx. 103 min.


“Watching Piccoli casually deflect, reproach, and undermine, without ever seeming to elevate his pulse rate, is impressively maddening to behold… Godard is also one of the few directors to perceive Piccoli as a potential sex symbol, not only casting him opposite Bardot but dressing (and undressing) him with a lascivious eye.”
– Mike D’Angelo, The Village Voice