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  • One man grips actor Burt Lancaster by his shoulder and arm.
  • Actor Burt Lancaster sits at a desk that's covered in books, a cigarette in his mouth.
  • Actor Burt Lancaster wears a white tank top in the foreground; Yvonne De Carlo appears behind him.
  • Actor Burt Lancaster has a cast on one arm; Yvonne De Carlo stands beside him with her arm on his shoulder.



Tuesday, July 30

(1949, Robert Siodmak) When honest armored car guard Burt Lancaster is caught with Yvonne De Carlo by new hubby Dan Duryea, his only choice is to go through with his explanation: to hold up his own truck. U.S. premiere of new 4K restoration and 35mm at select screenings. Approx. 84 min.


– Richard Brody, The New Yorker

“You have Siodmak as one of the great natural noir directors and the clearest diagnosis of Burt Lancaster anyone would ever make.”
– David Thomson

“A wonderfully seedy tale, beautifully shot and scripted… As always with Siodmak, the suspense is maintained throughout by taut pacing, visual precision and excellent characterization.”
– Geoff Andrew, Time Out (London)

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