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Monday, September 24

Musicologist Scott Freiman in person!

Hosted by musicologist Scott Freiman, the multimedia, filmed presentations in the lively and educational DECONSTRUCTING THE BEATLES series delve incisively into the history, creative process, and recording sessions of The Beatles. In Birth of the Beatles, Scott Freiman follows the path that brought four teenagers from the hardscrabble port city of Liverpool to superstardom as The Beatles. With no formal training and no ability to read or write music, they tried to emulate their American rock n’ roll heroes. From their early days as the Quarrymen to their transformation in Hamburg and the many characters who helped them on their journey, we see how, within a few years, they would change music history forever.

Scott Freiman has produced 8 films in the DECONSTRUCTING THE BEATLES series, filmed at the Jacob Burns Film Center. He combines his love of the band with his experience as a composer, producer and engineer to deliver unique educational lectures, moving past the personalities of the four members to uncover the reasons why their music continues to be loved by millions.

USA     2018     88 mins    Abramorama


On the DECONSTRUCTING THE BEATLES documentary series:

“Wonderful… What Freiman, a jolly engaging fellow with an encyclopedic knowledge of his subject, has done is take all the various revelations that have been documented over the past 50 odd years of information essential and arcane, and packaged them in an ‘educational’ presentation… By ‘deconstructing’ Freiman uses slides, clips, audio to present a chronology of how day by day the Beatles went to Abbey Road recording studio and made these now classic albums.”
– Stephen Schaefer, Boston Herald