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Monday, November 21

(1954, Alfred Hitchcock) Flat-broke Ray Milland, jealous of rich wife Grace Kelly’s friendship with Robert Cummings, plans the perfect murder. And, despite an errant pair of scissors, things look good until…
3-D turns the viewer into a voyeuristic accomplice, as only the Master could have planned. DCP. Approx. 105 mins.


Dial M for Murder has a romping plot, a gloriously slimy villain and – thanks to the fact that (as in Rope before and Rear Window after) the action is mostly constrained to one room – some of the weirdest, tricksiest camera work of Hitchcock’s career.”
– The Guardian

“Among the most purely enjoyable features the director ever helmed!”
– Slant

“The film is confined almost entirely to a cramped apartment set—a constricted space that takes on a highly expressive quality in the picture's original 3-D version.”
– Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader

“This sharp 3D restoration is a cool refresher for audiences weary of seeing the technology applied to mutants and doomsday scenarios.”
– Guy Lodge, Time Out

“By far the most VISUALLY COMPELLING of studio stereoscopic movies.”
– J. Hoberman, Village Voice

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