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  • Three women in fine evening wear stand and sing, holding microphones.

Beyoncé & Jennifer Hudson in

Saturday, February 8

Sunday, February 9

11:00 AM

(2006, Bill Condon) “Splashy, savvy adaptation of the 1981 Broadway musical by Tom Eyen and Henry Krieger inspired by the saga of The Supremes and Motown’s Berry Gordy. Entrepreneur Jamie Foxx steers a female vocal trio to the top, no matter what it takes, and claims its glamourous star (Beyoncé) as his own. Hudson, as the forsaken member of the group, gives an extraordinary, emotionally-charged performance. (This remarkable screen debut earned her a Best Supporting Actress Oscar.) There’s so much pure entertainment here that quibbles don’t stand up against the movie’s virtues.” – Leonard Maltin. Rated PG-13. DCP. Approx. 130 min.