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Sunday, March 11

Directed by Ingmar Bergman

(1983) Christmas with the Ekdahl family, 1907 – and eponymous kids Pernilla Allwin and Bertil Guve watch as their massive clan gathers for one of the cinema’s greatest holiday celebrations. But after their theater manager father dies and their actress mother re-marries, their world constricts to stern family terrors. Bergman’s penultimate work for the cinema touches on a kaleidoscope of his favorite themes. A dazzling period recreation – sumptuously photographed by 
Sven Nykvist – and a gigantic worldwide success. Approx. 96 min. DCP restoration.


“ENCHANTING. Fluidly combines the earthbound and the supernatural… According to Bergman, it had two godfathers: Charles Dickens and E.T.A. Hoffmann. In imagining the benevolent world of the Ekdahls, he resurrected ghosts from his childhood and his electrifying discovery of art, while envisioning love triumphing over darkness.”
– Kristin M. Jones, The Wall Street Journal

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