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Monday, February 27

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Post-film conversation with interviewees Mike Mashon (Library of Congress), Margaret Bodde (The Film Foundation), Dan Streible (NYU, Orphan Film Symposium), Katie Trainor (MoMA), and Dennis Doros and Amy Heller (Milestone Films), moderated by Bruce Goldstein, Film Forum Repertory Artistic Director. 

Spain and Canada. 2021
Directed by Inés Toharia Terán
Martin Scorsese, Costa-Gavras, Jonas Mekas, Patricio Guzmán, Ken Loach, Bill Morrison, Wim Wenders,  Barbara Rubin, Ridley Scott, Ousmane Sembène
In English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Catalan, Arabic with English and French subtitles.
Approx. 119 min. DCP.

Why preserve film in a world where audiovisual materials seem so readily available online? That is the key question posed in FILM, THE LIVING RECORD OF OUR MEMORY, which features interviews with film archivists, curators, technicians, and filmmakers including Costa-Gavras, Jonas Mekas, Patricio Guzmán, Ken Loach, Bill Morrison, Fernando Trueba, Wim Wenders, and appearances by Martin Scorsese, Barbara Rubin, Idrissa Ouédraogo, Ridley Scott, and Ousmane Sembene. Together, they explore what film preservation is and why it is still so important to preserve celluloid, even in an increasingly digital world. Thanks to the tireless work of these film professionals, many of whom work unrecognized behind the scenes, we are still able to watch films that are more than 125 years old. This film pays tribute to their conviction that film holds our collective memory, and that access to film as it was meant to be seen may one day change a life. FILM, THE LIVING RECORD OF OUR MEMORY highlights the unique challenges of maintaining film, the cultural and political barriers to preservation, and the surprising risks of digital preservation.


"A vigorous, energizing account of those providing a valuable cinematic service.”
 – Sunil Chauhan, Eye for Film

“There will bound to be new discoveries here for the most hardened film buff”
– Kent Turner, Film-Forward

“Gives voice to a wide array of passionate collectors, restorers and filmmakers from all over the world… [the film] also pulls the audience into the circle of custodians.”
– Anna Sebestyén, Taken One Cinema

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