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FLOATING WEEDS with Kagamijishi

Japan, 1959
Directed by Yasujirō Ozu
With Ganjirô Nakamura, Machiko Kyo, Ayako Wakao
Approx. 119 min. DCP.
In Japanese with English subtitles

“Ganjirô Nakamura brings his third-rate Kabuki troupe to a tiny fishing village, home to old flame Haruko Sugimura and their son, to the jealous rage of Nakamura’s present partner and co-star Machinko Kyo — who has a plan for ingénue Ayako Wakao and that “nephew.” Ozu’s remake of his own silent hit, with atmospheric color photography by the great Kazuo Miyagawa.

– With –

Kagamijishi (short)
Japan, 1936
Directed by Yasujirō Ozu
With Onoe Kikugorô VI
Approx. 24 min. 16mm print courtesy of Japan Foundation.
In Japanese with English subtitles

Ozu’s first sound film, a documentary on Tokyo’s Kabuki-za theater, with the director's recognizable low-angle shots. etc., and the final “iron dance” (the literal title) performed by Onoe Kikugoro Vi.


“The most physically beautiful of all of Ozu’s pictures.”
– Donald Richie

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