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Sunday, September 9

DOUBLE FEATURE: Two films for one admission. Tickets purchased entitle patrons to stay and see the following film at no additional charge.


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(1964, Guy Hamilton) “Do you expect me to talk, Goldfinger?” “No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!” Bobbing up from under a stuffed seagull, a frogman strips to reveal an impeccably white dinner jacket – Sean Connery as James Bond, of course. Here, after Shirley Bassey belts the chart-bursting title tune, 007 squares off against Gert Frobe’s eponymous master criminal and his fiendish plot to corner the world’s gold reserves, with Fort Knox (Kentucky) the prize; while dodging torture by laser and that steel-belted hat from Japanese sidekick “Oddjob” – and not dodging Honor Blackman’s Pussy Galore or the tragically golden-hued Shirley Eaton. DCP. Approx. 111 min.


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(1964, Richard Lester) Q: Are you a mod or a rocker? Ringo: I’m a mocker. Just another day in the life: fleeing from screaming fans at a train stations, contending with a “very clean” grandfather, jamming in a baggage car, cavorting in a field, wandering by a river, weirding out knotted-browed reporters with absurdist comebacks, wowing crowds at an orgasmic final concert — the Beatles’ film debut rocketed them to another level beyond the latest pop faces as even squarely middle-aged critics, their knives sharpened for yet another schlocky teen idol exploiter, were disarmed into grudging hosannas. Q. Tell me, how do you find America? John: Turn left at Greenland. Director Richard Lester melded his mastery of commercials with New Wave techniques in a semi-documentary style that created something new — and since endlessly imitated — along with Alun Owen’s screenplay in which scripted one-liners and the occasional ad-lib blend seamlessly, thanks, of course, to the exuberant, anarchic personalities of the Fab Four themselves. Q: What would you call that hairstyle? George: Arthur. And those songs just keep on coming: “I Should Have Known Better,” “Can’t Buy Me Love,” “All My Loving,” “I’m Happy Just to Dance With You,” “She Loves You,” and the title song, inspired by a chance remark by Ringo and written overnight by Lennon and McCartney after filming was completed. DCP. Approx. 85 min.


“The Citizen Kane of jukebox musicals.”
– Andrew Sarris

“More than simply the deployment of kicky, “now” technique, this was a matter of attitude. Like the principal characters in Breathless or Shoot the Piano Player, perhaps even more so, the Beatles are characters who are blatantly living in a movie. A Hard Day’s Night is all about image — cameras and TV monitors are near ubiquitous.”
– J. Hoberman

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