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Important Update

Masks are not required, though they are encouraged. While we are no longer checking for proof of vaccination, we do, of course, strongly encourage everyone to be vaccinated. Click here for more information.


  • A man in a black bowl hat points both fingers in front of him, while glancing at the woman next to him.
  • A young woman stands between an older woman and man; the woman to her right has her hands on the young woman’s shoulders.
  • A woman behind bars holds the bars and sings.



Sunday, June 9

*Introduced by Yiddish translator and performer Caraid O'Brien.

(1940, Joseph Seiden) Quintessential “shund” – lowbrow Second-Avenue entertainment – this one’s got it all: Filial sacrifice! Suffering parents! A D.A. singing in Yiddish! Wild coincidences! Amnesia! And comic relief from The Great Yetta Zwerling! What, that’s not enough? DCP restoration. Approx. 84 min.

Film Forum