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  • Actor Burt Lancaster stands in a courtroom, a soldier standing guard behind him.
  • Actor Judy Garland takes an oath on the witness stand in a courtroom.
  • A man sits in an office, surrounded by binders with swastika labels.
  • A man in a robe and another in a soldier's uniform stand next to each other in a courtroom.



Tuesday, August 6

(1961, Stanley Kramer) Walking through a deserted stadium and hearing the echoes of the shouting Nazi crowds – it’s Spencer Tracy, to preside at the war crime trial. Star-packed (Best Actor Oscar winner Maximilian Schell billed 7th), with Judy Garland as a Jewish witness, Montgomery Clift as his greatest in a 7-minute cameo, and defendant Burt Lancaster almost silent until his final speech. 35mm. Approx. 186 min.


“Mr. Kramer and his incisive script writer, Abby Mann, have kept the issue exalted. They have cut through the specious arguments, the sentiments for mercy and the reasonings for compromise, and have accomplished a fine dramatic statement of moral probity.”
– Bosley Crowther, The New York Times

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