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Saturday, September 15

Featuring Run-DMC, Beastie Boys, Sheila E., New Edition & Fat Boys

(1985, Michael Schultz) “It’s Chillin’.” The director of Car Wash and Bustin' Loose was the perfect helmer for the all rapping, all breaking origin story of Def Jam, with an all-star cast of recording artists from Run-DMC and the Beastie Boys to the “King of Rap” Kurtis Blow, New Edition, and an amazing cameo by LL Cool J bum rushing an audition. A pre-L.A. Law Blair Underwood (in his first film role) plays Russell Walker (based on Simmons), who’s competing with Run to win the heart of none other than Sheila E. (“a showstopping presence on stage” - Janet Maslin, New York Times), while the label takes off and they can’t afford to press enough records. With the Fat Boys performing an unforgettable ode to buffet dining with “All You Can Eat” (shot at the Sbarro on 49th & Broadway!), Krush Groove is the most successful of Hollywood’s early forays into rap, with “a virtually nonstop score” (NYT), Rick Rubin playing himself, and Chaka Khan singing the prophetic theme song “Can’t Stop the Streets.” HD. Approx. 97 min.