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  • Actor Burt Lancaster speaks with two other men on a beach.
  • Actor Burt Lancaster gazes towards the camera, with the ocean in the background.
  • Actor Burt Lancaster and another man stand near a ramshackle beach cottage.


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Saturday, August 3

(1983, Bill Forsyth) Off to buy up a coastal Scottish village for a refinery, Texan Peter Riegert finds himself falling in love, even as astronomy-loving boss Burt Lancaster arrives via helicopter to clinch the deal. British Oscar, Best Director. 35mm. Approx. 111 min.


“Rediscovers a genre that was once among the British cinema's proudest achievements. Local Hero ranks as a lyrical anti-urban comedy in the great tradition of films like I Know Where I'm Going and Whisky Galore!; and its essential triumph is to prove that comedy can still contain a gentle, almost mystical, aspect without necessarily being old-fashioned. [Bill Forsyth] and producer David Puttnam succeed in making you realise just how badly this kind of film has been missed.”
– David Pirie, Time Out (London)