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Tuesday, July 28

New 4K Restoration

(1973, Francesco Rosi) Deported
 to Sicily in 1946, Gian Maria Volonté’s Luciano, the “Boss of Bosses,” starts to build a truly international crime empire amid vintage Rosi time shifts, back to the 40-man massacre that cemented him at the top, forward to the Palermo Mafia “summit.” With Rod Steiger, Vincent Gardenia, and Charles Cioffi, this is the original multi-lingual version (dubbed completely into English on first release here). Approx. 105 min. DCP. Restored by Cineteca di Bologna at L’Immagine Ritrovata, in association with The Film Foundation, Cristaldi Films and Paramount Pictures, with funding provided by The Film Foundation.


“The finest movie yet made about the Mafia, the most careful, the most thoughtful, the truest and most sensitive to the paradoxes of a society of crime.”
– Norman Mailer

“Francesco Rosi’s brilliantly staged and photographed portrait of the infamous Mob boss, played with brass-knuckles ingratiation by Gian-Maria Volonte.  By casting Luciano’s real-life nemesis- the narcotics agent Charles Siragusa- as himself, Rosi hits on a docu-Brecht technique.” 
– Michael Sragow, The New Yorker