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Monday, November 14

(2015, George Miller) Apocalypse wow, as Miller re-invents his dystopian saga with a relentless chase story, putting heroine Charlize Theron even more front-and-center than Tom Hardy’s resourceful Max. One of the best of all 3-D “post-conversions.” Plus Road Runner and Coyote in 3-D in RABID RIDER (2010). Both DCP. Approx. 123 mins.


“WILD AND UNRELENTING, but also possessed of the outlandish poetry, laced with hints of humor, that rises to the surface when the world is all churned up…Mad Max: Fury Road gathers up all that we seem to crave, right now, from our movies, and yanks it to the limit.”
– Anthony Lane, The New Yorker

“[The] newfangled [3-D] format brings out the virtuosity of Mr. Miller’s old-school approach. The themes of vengeance and solidarity, the wide-open spaces and the kinetic, ground-level movement mark Fury Road as a western, and the filmmakers pay tribute to such masters of the genre as John Ford, Budd Boetticher and, not least, Chuck Jones, whose Road Runner cartoons are models of ingenuity and rigor…Even in the most chaotic fights and collisions, everything makes sense. This is not a matter of realism — come on, now — but of imaginative discipline. And Mr. Miller demonstrates that great action filmmaking is not only a matter of physics but of ethics as well. There is cause and effect; there are choices and consequences. There is also enormous pleasure in watching those consequences play out, and in encountering surprises along the way…”
– A.O. Scott, The New York Times

“Every shot bustles with imaginative detail!”
– Chicago Reader

“An action flick so VIVID AND VISCERAL, so striking in conception and extraordinary in execution, that it comes almost as a revelation.”
– The Atlantic

“For all the chaos erupting at all times, we never lose track of what’s going on, because it’s been staged not just with diabolical mischief, but also total clarity. What a movie.”
– A.V. Club

“A KINETIC TONE POEM IN BLOCKBUSTER CLOTHING...delivers a rare alternative to aggressively stupid action movies. At a time of great need, Max rides again.”
– Indiewire

– Time Out (London)

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