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Final Day - Tuesday, June 27


Cate Blanchett plays 13 different characters, embodying the artistic and political manifestos of Communism, Dadaism, Futurism, Minimalism, Surrealism, and other movements, in this playful, visually breathtaking feature by German artist Julian Rosefeldt. Blanchett’s dazzling, chameleon-like portrayals include: a Russian choreographer schooling her dancers on Fluxus philosophy; a TV anchorwoman delivering Sol LeWitt’s notes on Conceptual Art; and a suburban Southern mom serving turkey dinner, accompanied by a Claes Oldenburg Pop Art prayer.



“Critic’s Pick. Presented by the chameleonic actress Cate Blanchett. More than a performer, Ms. Blanchett is also a movie star, albeit a very particular caliber of movie star. Which is one of several reasons MANIFESTO works as well as it does in cinematic form. Sometimes brilliantly comedic...immaculate in every detail. The sound design, by Fabian Schmitt and Kuen-il Song, is particularly extraordinary. As an oblique examination and critique of political art and art history and their various interactions over the 20th century, MANIFESTO is both witty and provocative.”
– Glenn Kenny, The New York Times
Read the full review and watch a video interview with Blanchett & Rosefeldt.

“Distinguished by a surprising lightness. Puckish humor. Blanchett soars.”
– Serena Donadoni, Village Voice

“If the art world gave out Oscars, Cate Blanchett should win for her tour de force of starring roles in MANIFESTO…. Touches on the extremes of manifestoes from incendiary exhortation to laid-back parody… Toweringly ambitious. Blanchett’s characters are quickly established, fully dimensional and strikingly varied in appearance, carriage and accent. Appreciating Mr. Rosefeldt’s accomplishment requires getting beyond his impeccable production values. Everything about the films seems breathtakingly perfect - makeup and costume, set design and the agile cinematography of Christoph Krauss.”
– Roberta Smith, The New York Times, on Rosefeldt’s multi-screen installation

“What’s better than a great Cate Blanchett performance? Answer: 13 of them… A tribute to the art of Blanchett’s extraordinary screen chameleonism. Every single gesture and glance feels perfect. Pure genius.” 
– David Fear, Rolling Stone

“Blanchett is one of cinema’s great chameleons. Makes for lively, rambunctious company.”
– Tim Grierson, Screen International

“It’s unlikely you’ll find a more playful and cinematic exploration of sincere critical themes”
– Jordan Hoffman, Vanity Fair

“Blanchett is consistently captivating.”
– Amy Zimmerman, The Daily Beast

“It is both a confirmation of Blanchett’s sheer presence and acumen as an actor and Rosefeldt’s shrewdness and intellect as an artist. MANIFESTO is worth every minute.”
– Sydney Morning Herald

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