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U.S., 1981
Directed by Albert Brooks
With Albert Brooks, Kathryn Harrold, Bruno Kirby, Nancy Allen

Approx. 94 mins. DCP.

“Writer/director Brooks casts himself as a neurotic, workaholic film editor who, unable to cope with his obsessive love for the beautiful Harrold, forces himself to give her up. He then adopts an equally compulsive regime of trying to forget her: taking up jogging, looking up old flames, and immersing himself in the editing of a low-budget sci-fi movie — made by his namesake James L Brooks (director of BROADCAST NEWS). None of this works, of course, but having wooed Harrold once more, he again falls prey to this perverse, self-destructive syndrome.” – Time Out


“Nearly as much as Jerry Lewis, Albert Brooks's comic persona is defined by its unlikability.”
 – Slant Magazine

“The laughs in his pictures come not only from the terrific one-liners, but from Brooks’ unique sense of comic pacing — with scenes often stretched to bring out as much awkwardness as possible.”
Little White Lies

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