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Thursday, June 16

Directed by Kelly Reichardt

(2014) “You said no one would get hurt!” Radical environmentalists Jesse Eisenberg, Dakota Fanning, and Peter Sarsgaard team up to go for the big one, the explosion of a hydro-electric dam. DCP. Approx. 120 mins.


“The title of Kelly Reichardt’s Night Moves has a ghostly echo of Arthur Penn’s 1975 noir of the same name, which featured Gene Hackman as the private detective hunting a missing woman, and getting into a watery nightmare. There are traces of noir here, too, but distinctively mixed with something calmer, blanker, less obviously flavoured with genre. This Night Moves is like a suspense movie held in suspense: a thriller that behaves as if it is a gentle, indie-arthouse film concerned only with evoking the static beauty of nature. There can't be many screen dramas in which a climactic fight between characters is accompanied with quiet, plangent pan-pipe music on the soundtrack, the sort that one generally hears in the reception at a hotel spa. And yet the film is gripping and disturbing.”
– Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

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