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Thursday, November 17

(2013, Guillermo del Toro) It’s Kaijus (giant inter-dimensional sea monsters) versus Jaegers (giant human-piloted robot warriors) in futuristic homage to Japanese war movies and kaiju-eiga, with an attention to scale fully rendered in 3-D. DCP. Approx. 131 mins.


Pacific Rim, with its carefree blend of silliness and solemnity, is clearly the product of an ingenious and playful pop sensibility.”
– A.O. Scott, The New York Times

“[Each fight] has its own unique identity, and they grow incrementally more complex…delivers those goods with a serious investment in imbuing the proceedings with visual invention.”
– Indiewire

“Just the kind of big-ticket sci-fi adventure you’d want del Toro to make!”
– Village Voice

“The action set-pieces are superb: THUNDEROUS, RAIN-SOAKED, AND BEAUTIFULLY DETAILED – you can almost feel the rust and the slime.”
– Time Out (London)

“Made with superior cinematic craft and a profound appreciation for the classic monster-attack movies of the 1960s. This is escapist entertainment on a grand scale!”
– Salon

“Unmistakably a Del Toro creation…The combatants might be heavy, but this is a refreshingly light spectacle.”
– A.V. Club

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