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  • Joan Baez and Bob Dylan sing and play guitar together, sharing one microphone and wearing matching white face paint, white button-down shirts, and vests.
  • Bob Dylan sits against a marble column, huddled in a hat, sunglasses, cowboy boots, and a colorful coat.
  • Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg sit together by a gravestone in a cemetery.



Saturday, December 14

*Introduced by editor and executive producer David Tedeschi

(2019) Pseudo documentary of Bob Dylan’s 1975 Rolling Thunder Revue, composed of outtakes from the intentionally-small-venue tour, and interviews of participants, some of them fictional and played by actors. DCP. Approx. 141 min. Plus The Key to Reserva (2007) Fragment of a script by Hitchcock, filmed by Scorsese in Hitchcockian style. Digital. Approx. 10 min.


“A digitally restored, impeccably edited, audaciously alive 2-hour-and-22-minute Scorsese feast of a 1970s verité sprawl.”
– Owen Glieberman, Variety

Scorsese is the Bob Dylan of cinema – poetic, truthful, idiosyncratic – and Rolling Thunder is an important document of a major artist – by a major artist.”
– Ian Freer, Empire

“The film is a passionate and relentless effort to connect the performances of music to the lives and activities with which they coincided.”
– Richard Brody, The New Yorker