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  • Actors Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas sit at a table, both wearing military suits.
  • Actor Kirk Douglas has his hand on Burt Lancaster's shoulder, and appears to confide in him.
  • Actor Burt Lancaster stands with a man wearing a suit. Lancaster looks off while the man looks at him.



Friday, August 9

(1964, John Frankenheimer) Cold-War paranoia hits a fever pitch when Army Intelligence Colonel Kirk Douglas stumbles upon General Burt Lancaster’s plot to nix a U.S.-Soviet nuclear disarmament treaty by toppling peace-loving President Fredric March. Featuring deeper-than-deep-focus cinematography and a script by Rod “Twilight Zone” Serling. With Ava Gardner, Edmond O’Brien, and John Houseman in his film debut. 35mm. Approx. 117 min.


“Conspiracy movies may have become more darkly complex in these post-Watergate days of Pakula and paranoia. Frankenheimer’s fascination with gadgetry is used to create a striking visual metaphor for control by the military machine. Highly enjoyable.”
– Tom Milne, Time Out (London)

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