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  • Actor Lee Grant wears a leopard print shirt and multiple necklaces, and has wet hair; she is talking to Warren Beatty, who wears a brown leather jacket.
  • Actors Lee Grant and Goldie Hawn sit at a restaurant table, the latter looking in a hand mirror and the former inspecting her nails
  • Actor Lee Grant.

Lee Grant in


Sunday, December 1

(1975, Hal Ashby) “You wanna f…?” In the last two days before Nixon’s 1968 election, hairdresser Warren Beatty (co-author of the scabrous screenplay with Robert Towne) motorcycles through Beverly Hills, hairdryer on hip, servicing, aside from girlfriend Goldie Hawn, the mistress (Julie Christie), wife (Oscar-winning Lee Grant), and daughter (Carrie Fisher) of moneybags Jack Warden – but can he keep it up? But after arguably the most embarrassing refrigerator opening in film history, and that house of cards collapses, it’s clear he’s “the fool on the hill.” 4K DCP restoration. Approx. 110 min.


“The most virtuoso example of sophisticated, kaleidoscopic farce that American moviemakers have ever come up with.”
– Pauline Kael

Film Forum