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THE BELOVED ROGUE & The Wizard’s Apprentice
introduced by James Curtis

8:10 ONLY

Tuesday, December 1

Introduced by James Curtis, author of William Cameron Menzies: The Shape of Films to Come, available at our concession today.  Mr. Curtis will sign books in the lobby following the screening.  

Live piano accompaniment by Steve Sterner 

(1927, Alan Crosland) John Barrymore, as 15th century beggar/poet François Villon, getting mixed up in court intrigue around Conrad Veidt’s grotesque Louis XI. But “the real star of the production was William Cameron Menzies” (James Card), crafting a Moyen Âge Paris that’s as awe-inspiring as his Bagdad (see Dec. 6). Plus Menzies-designed short The Wizard’s Apprentice (1930). Both 16mm. Approx. 109 min.

Film Forum