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  • Close-up on Actor Lee Marvin, wearing a hat, binoculars, and a bandolier, and holding a gun.
  • Actor Burt Lancaster holds Claudia Cardinale's arms behind her back and holds a gun, while Lee Marvin looks on impassively.



Friday, August 9

(1966, Richard Brooks) 1917 on the Border: Army vet Lee Marvin and pals Burt Lancaster, Robert Ryan and Woody Strode are hired by moneybags Ralph Bellamy to rescue wife Claudia Cardinale from bandito Jack Palance – but has she really been kidnapped? The twists and quips keep coming, with Marvin’s hilariously memorable final line. DCP. Approx. 117 min.


“Taut and disillusioned… Richard Brooks could certainly write a line and direct action.”
– Paul Taylor, Time Out

“A well-made actioner… exciting explosive sequences, good overall pacing and acting.”

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