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  • Close-up on Che Guevara's smiling face, from HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE
  • The word



Sunday, June 2

“My style is the style of hatred for Imperialism.” One of the founders of Cuba’s ICAIC, Santiago Álvarez (1919-1998) developed his distinctive “nervous montage” style – collages of found material assembled with fierce irony– out of necessity. “The Americans blockade us, forcing us to improvise.” – Álvarez

This program includes: 
Now! (1965), a denunciation of U.S. racism, set to the powerful song sung by Lena Horn.
“Álvarez’s bombshell, a work of great and forceful originality.” – Michael Chanan

LBJ (1968) “Álvarez’s most biting piece of anti-imperialist satire... has deservedly become one of his best-known shorts.”– Michael Chanan
“A deadly and accurately aimed attack on a political system in which assassination had become an accustomed weapon.” – Stuart Hood

Hanoi, Martes 13, filmed in North Vietnam.
“One of Álvarez’s indisputable masterpieces, a film of the greatest sensitivity, and constructed with the greatest economy of means.” – Michael Chanan

Hasta la victoria siempre (1967), made over 48 hours after news of Che Guevara’s death, from stills and archival footage. Screened in the Plaza de la Revolución before Fidel Castro’s eulogy.
“Virtually reinvents cine denuncia… left a curiously tangible imprint in the popular culture of contemporary Cuba.” – Michael Chanan

35mm, 16mm, and Digital. Program approx. 121 min.